Beginning in Preschool and continuing through 8th Grade, Atonement provides six benefits to every child who attends our school:

Experience A Better Way To Learn. Atonement incorporates experiential learning across subject matter as diverse as Science and Religion, empowering your child to live learning. From Preschool through 8th Grade, this approach to Teaching dramatically enhances your child’s understanding of fundamental themes while inspiring curiosity and kick-starting imagination. It is a better way to learn.

Feel Important. School leadership deliberately manages student-teacher ratios to maintain an ideal, school-wide learning environment. While most area schools provide sporadic one-on-one attention, student focus is a constant at Atonement. Here, we cherish your child’s God-given uniqueness, identifies how he or she learns best (cognitively, socially and emotionally), and then adapts our teaching styles to meet the needs of the student.

Look Forward To School. We believe that every child should look forward to attending school.  Growing up is not easy but making friends and being excited about learning should be easy.  Our faith based approach to discipline and joy filled attitudes encourage a sense of hope and love on our campus.

Discover Your Potential, And More. Whether your child is a Preschooler immersing himself into an activity or an increasingly confident 7th Grader who doesn’t think twice about singing in front of her classmates – Atonement students are continually discovering the unlimited potential within themselves and the sheer wonder of God’s creation. This newfound love of discovery, this yearning to explore new ideas, will last a lifetime.

Stay Ahead. Our students are typically one grade level ahead of local peers at graduation. This academic advantage has a long-term ripple effect. It enables your child to take advanced courses earlier in high school, and then college-level courses as a junior or senior. It may even unlock their high school schedule to more electives. Thanks to a family who loved them and teachers who prepared them, your child will shine in the classroom for years to come.

Become Your Best Self. Day after day and year to year, we methodically build the foundation for the person your child will be: the independent thinker in middle school; the thriving student in high school; the leader in college; the confident young adult who makes good decisions, acts compassionately, and lives fully, wherever life takes them. Atonement will inspire your child to become their best self.


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