Playing a musical instrument is truly a form of expression.  Some children are naturally God gifted to play instruments, and others need a bit more instruction.  none the less, music is made!  Music is celebration, entertainment as well as a way to praise our Lord.  Children at Atonement Lutheran School are encouraged to use their unique God given gifts; it is our job to help the perfect an already God gifted talent through theory and instruction.  Learning to play a musical instrument can be tolling on the ears of parents at first, but this soon becomes music to your ears!  It is pure joy to bring out the talent in youth, and watch that talent cultivate into adulthood.

Atonement’s faith-based, experiential approach to teaching and learning inspires boys and girls of all religious backgrounds to become their best self: the independent thinker in middle school; the thriving student in high school; the leader in college; the confident young adult who makes good decisions, acts compassionately, and lives fully, wherever life takes them. Atonement. The Experiential School.

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Atonement Lutheran School often has all children singing.  The children love to sing their praises, and display their God given gift of song.

Voice lessons are available to teach children of all ages vocal education.