Elementary School

The K-4 program places emphasis on mastery and application of basic learning skills. Each student is taught from a Christian perspective with special times set aside for Bible instruction and chapel. Teachers also offer specialized enrichment and outside classroom activities to help each child realize their academic potential. The elementary school offers many additional activities to educate the whole child such as music, physical education, computer and library skills. Students participate in an area spelling competition and perform a Christmas program and Spring musical.

Curriculum Overview


  • English- Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary
  • Reading & Writing- Reading and Language Comprehension
  • Grammar – Shirley Method
  • Bible- Memory, New and Old Testament
  • History/Geography- Communities/Regions of the United States/Arizona History and Geography
  • Math- Houghton Mifflin
  • Science- FOSS Science and Science A-Z
  • Fine Arts- Art/Music/Physical Education








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