Athletic Mission Statement and Objectives

  • To implement a successful athletic program which demonstrates a Christian and enthusiastic attitude
  • To encourage student-athletes to strive for excellence and to do their best regardless of the outcome of a contest
  • To assist the student-athlete in developing their basic skills and talent
  • To teach student athletes to participate as a team which cooperates, supports, and works together
  • To provide student-athletes an experience in which they can develop leadership skills, self-confidence and poise
  • To encourage and promote school spirit and good sportsmanship

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Athletic Uniform Care

Our uniforms show who we are and who we represent – our Savior, our school, our church, our faculty, our parents, and ourselves. They are to be kept in good condition. Uniforms are only to be worn at the games and on game days. Children wearing their uniforms should not eat food in them. Your child will need to wear a whitne shirt underneath the uniform; it is not to have ripped sleeves. Students will wear their jerseys to school on game days.

Washing instructios: Wash shorts and jerseys in cool water on a gentle cycle. (Hand washing is preferred) Line dry both shorts and jersey. Please neatly fold or hang them. Too often the uniform is wadded up in a bag and gets wrinkled.

DO NOT USE: Bleach, hot water, dryer DO NOT: Wring, rub, or iron.

Please return washed uniform at the end of the season.