Experiential Learning
Child Development
Accelerated Learning
Encourage Uniqueness
Jesus Focused
Kindeness &Love
SAFE Environment


Our preschool is not your typical “daycare”.  All of our children are taught to learn the experiential way, even in preschool.  It is the duty of all teachers to make every child feel important.  School leadership deliberately manages student-teacher ratios to maintain an ideal, school-wide learning environment.

Appreciate Uniqueness!

While most area schools provide sporadic one-on-one attention, student focus is a constant at Atonement. Here, we cherish your child’s God-given uniqueness, identify how he or she learns best (cognitively, socially and emotionally), and then adapt our teaching styles as appropriate.

Elementary School Preparation!

Our preschool program encourages children to explore their own unique abilities, while being a stepping stone to elementary school.  Atonement Preschool will inspire your child to become their best self.Atonement prioritizes experiential learning. Diverse learning starts in our preschool.

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